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Mother of the Bride Dresses!

As a Mother of the Bride, you have such a big role! Finding the oerfect MOB dress can be stressful. I often get asked for advice on what a MOB should wear. I have pulled some of these gowns which I think are perfectly appropriate, prettty, and stylish!

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Here are some great FAQ’s from the

Q. What’s the dress-buying protocol for moms?

A. It’s customary for the mother of the bride to purchase her dress first. Her choice is meant to subtly dictate what the mother of the groom will wear. However, this approach can be a little old-fashioned, not to mention a little unrealistic. There’s always some factor that make abiding by tradition a lost cause. Our advice: Just play it by ear, and try to be flexible. It’s not a competition.

Q. When the mother of the bride buys her dress, is it her duty to then politely “inform” the groom’s mother? What happens?

A. Old-school wedding etiquette says “yes.” She is expected to notify the mother of the groom (presumably to prevent overdressing, clashing colors, and other fashion faux pas.) And while it’s certainly good form, it’s not a requirement, especially if you’re worried about seeming pushy or bossy. That said, the mother of the groom might really appreciate — and even expect — a heads up. You can either have your daughter subtly pass the details along, or, better yet, give her a call youself. Try to sound as friendly and non-territorial as possible: “I finally found a dress that fits! Do you know what you’re wearing yet?” Chances are the mother of the groom will want to know more. Of course, she might be totally disinterested, but if that happens, don’t sweat it — you’ve been heard.

Q. Does the mother of the bride need to touch base with the groom’s stepmother about the dress, or should she contact only the mother of the groom?

A. Divorced family situations can get sticky. Don’t worry about the groom’s stepmother. He’ll let her know what you (and his mom) are wearing. You risk offending the mother of the groom if you formally involve her ex-husband’s wife in the game plan.

Q. What are the color restrictions surrounding the mother of the bride’s dress?

A. Traditionally, avoiding dresses in the white, ivory, and champagne color family (that match the bride’s wedding gown), black gowns (that can suggest mourning) and red gowns(or similarly “flashy” shades) is the standard. Though we’ve seen moms in white who look tailored and elegant. We think black is classic, chic, and formal, and know that even red can be done with gorgeous good taste. The bottom line? Before you start shopping, talk to the bride. She may be very sensitive to the color issue or completely indifferent. If she expresses reservation, think about subdued-but-stately colors in the lavender, silver, burgundy, and blue families.

Q. Does the mother of the bride’s dress color have to match the bridesmaids?

A. Some will swear by the “rule” that all the dresses must coordinate. And some brides really love that matchy-matchy look. But there are countless alternatives. Maybe stay within one color spectrum — if the bridesmaids dresses are baby blue, for instance, the mother of the bride can wear navy. But mixing and matching can be ultra-stylish, too. What’s most important, however, is that everyone feels comfortable and beautiful.

Q. When it comes to choosing the Mother of the Bride’s dress, how much say does the bride have?

A. Definitely consult her on color — she may have issues with certain shades (white, black, red) or want your dress to complement the bridesmaids’ get-ups. She may also have ideas about style, length, and formality. Do try to respect her wishes — her opinion should count for a lot, and if she wants long sleeves or if she likes you best in pistachio, what’s the harm in obliging? Keep her guidelines in mind while shopping, but the dress you settle on should make you happy, too.

Q. How far in advance should the Mother of the Bride purchase her dress?

A. Start dress shopping as soon as possible. If you must put it off (maybe you’re trying to firm up or just dread shopping in general), aim to have made a decision at least one month before the wedding. We know you’re going to get around to it eventually — just be sure to let the groom’s mom know she can forge ahead without you and keep the bride informed of your progress.

Q. Does the Mother of the Bride have to get dressed up for the wedding, even if fancy isn’t her style?

A. If it’s an evening wedding, you’re going to have to dress up more than usual. You don’t want to stick out or appear disrespectful. But this doesn’t mean you have to sport sequins and satin or velvet and rhinestones. There are many frill-free formal looks out there. Stick to your guns and you’ll find an outfit (pants are okay!) that’s unembellished, easy, and elegant — perfect for your casual style.

Q. Can a young-looking MOB wear a strapless ball gown — is there such a thing as looking too young or sexy?

A. On one level we think you deserve to wear a fabulously sexy dress, but on another, we’re wondering how the bride will feel. If she’s supportive, go for it — you’re both going to sizzle! But if your daughter seems concerned about “Mommy” turning heads, not acting her age, and otherwise upstaging her, let her be selfish. It’s her day, not yours. Besides, you’re not limited to “frumpy” or overly conservative attire at all. It’s quite possible to be glamorous without ruffling any feathers.

Make it Pretty!!

Make It Pretty Monday!

I am loving this oil! I picked some up at Sephora recently and love how soft it is making my drier summer hair. I spray it on at night, because I have finer hair. So smooth!

About: This lightweight, quick-absorbing oil featuring a luxurious blend of six oils and two extracts soften, tame flyaways, and add shine immediately and over time. Hair looks and feels healthy, smooth, silky, and conditioned. Frizz and flyaways are dramatically reduced. This formula detangles hair and helps strengthen hair against breakage. It also contains UVA/UVB filters and offers heat styling protection. The clear-as-day formula can be used on all types (and colors) of dry hair.

Make it Pretty!

Make it Pretty Monday! Honeymoon Style – Stripes!

Happy Make it Pretty Monday!!

I wanted to pull some honeymoon styles! How cute are these casino spiele styles?

Earrings, Dress, Bathing Suit, Pinup Suit, Hat, and Wedges

Have a great day!

Make it Pretty Monday!! Wedding Hairstyles!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It was super hot here in Raleigh, but it was a good excuse to get some pool time it!

My brides are always looking for ideas for their wedding hair. I pulled a few off of the Knot that I think are so pretty!




Happy Make it Pretty Monday! Lipstick Review!

Ok, ladies this is the BEST lipstick ever. This stuff stays on all day! I asked Jennifer from Makeup for Your Day what this amazing lipstick they use on my brides was. I kept seeing my brides with these amazing pink and red lips at midnight. I am totally a huge fan of Ruby Lite!


Make it Pretty Monday! Love this from Wedluxe!

How breathtaking is this photoshoot from Wedluxe? Gorgeous work by Event Designer online casinos Rachel  Clingen! I love their magazine and blog. Such amazing inspiration!




Make it Pretty Monday: Etsy Registry!

Etsy is the world’s most creative marketplace of handmade items where artists can sell their items, and others can buy them. It has many categories from antique items, to clothing, but our favorite category is weddings! This past week Etsy has added a new option to their site, to create a wedding registry! On their registry you can add household and decor items, furniture, even electronics. One of the reasons why Erin McLean Events loves this registry idea, is because brides can also register for wedding decorations that they would like to have on their wedding day. This would be a great help especially if a bride and groom are paying for their own event. In addition to a wedding or shower gift, guests could choose to buy something to put towards the couples wedding day of their Etsy registry.

Here are some of EME’s favorite items that we have seen at weddings that are from Etsy that brides could add to their registry!

Wooden drink sticks with your new monogram! Too cute! {Source}.



Drink straws in your wedding colors! We love these!! From DimeStoreBuddy. {Source}.

Wedding directional sign by OurHobbyToYourHome. Perfect ceremony or reception detail! {Source}.

Wedding thank you signs. What a fabulous unique thank you card idea!! From LimitedLane. {Source}.

Chalkboard art, would make a cute entrance sign to your reception! By Customchalk. {Source}.

What about a cute hanger to hang your wedding dress on! Too adorable. Made by  AllThingsHandKrafted. {Source}.


Happy Etsy Registry Shopping!



Make it Pretty Monday: "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, & Something Blue!"

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” is an old English tradition that Bride’s having been using for years. “Something old” is a symbol of continuity in which it links between the bride’s family and the past. This can be represented by wearing an old piece of jewelry, garter, or headpiece that was the bride’s  mother’s or grandmothers. “Something new” symbolizes good luck and success. Wearing something new on your wedding day, such as a new wedding dress, or new wedding rings, represents that you and your spouse are creating a new union together that will last forever. “Something borrowed” symbolizes the trust and bond between the bride’s family and friends, that shows they will always be there for her. The item that is borrowed can be from a happily married family member or friend, a piece of jewelry for example, which when worn on her wedding day, will bring marital happiness into the new marriage. And last but not least, “something blue” represents faithfulness, purity, and loyalty. Some brides have a hard time trying to figure out how to incorporate blue into their wedding, so here are a few tips!

1. Have your wedding date sewed under your wedding dress in blue thread. {Source}

2. Have your garter monogrammed with your initials in blue thread. {Natalie Franke Photography}

3. Add blue flowers to your bridal bouquet, or tie a blue ribbon around your bouquet! Such a cute idea! {{blue ribbon and peony bouquet photo by Keith Cephus Photography for Bride & Bloom magazine via The Bride’s Cafe; rose and peony ribbon bouquet photo by Picotte Weddings, Inc. via Style Me Pretty}


4. These are my favorite! I love the idea of wearing blue shoes! These are Milano Blahnik blue shoes that you can purchase in heels or flats. {Source}

Day of Coordinatior


Chevron Nails!

Happy Make it Pretty Monday!!

I have been having too much fun trying fun nail patterns. I saw this Chevron pattern and new I had to try it!

What you need:

So, apparently taking pictures while painting is tough 🙂 1. After apply two coats of the base color you will want to apply the accent colors onto the pattern you want to use. Make sure to be liberal with it. 2. Scrape the excess paint of with the scraper.  3. Take the stamp and roll it a little. 4. Roll the stamp from one side of the nail to the other. 5. Apply top coat and dry!

Ok, so some are a little smudged, but I love it!