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DIY Friday: Noisemaker Escort Cards

We love Style Me Pretty‘s DIY noisemaker craft. We think these are so adorable and would be so great for any wedding. They can be customized to suit the names, tables and color scheme of each unique wedding. And it would be such a fun send-off at the end of the night!


What you will need:

– Scissors

– Ribbon

– Sheer Scrapbook Paper

– A Package of Noisemakers

– Escort Cards


1. Take your store-bought noisemaker and trace it as a template onto pretty shear scrapbook paper.

2. Print out table numbers onto the same sheer paper and cut into small squares.

3. Take apart the rest of the store-bought noise makers to get the noise-making part.


What you should have laying in front of you will look something like this. –>


4. Roll the paper to fit into the noise maker and glue to close, then slip the table number into the bottom of each noise maker.

5. Finish off with a pretty ribbon and simple guest tag.

And then you’ll have the finished product!


Thank you SMP for the crafting inspiration, we loved this DIY! To check out the original tutorial, click here. 

We love how versatile this little wedding DIY can be. They can fit it into your color scheme, send you off at the end of the night and be a keepsake for people to take home! Check out these bold noisemakers from WeddingDish – same craft, but a completely different look!


Make it pretty!

DIY Friday: Sprayed Gold Candle Holders

TGIF everyone! Today we wanted to share a quick, fun and cost-effective DIY with you. This craft is so simple and looks great. We think that this would work great for wedding centrepieces, or anywhere in the home!


What you will need:

– Glass or Candle Holders

– Spray Paint (whatever color you would like)

– Scissors

– Tape

– Plastic Bags

*The spray paint and candle holders were purchased at Michaels.

First, you will want to start cutting and wrapping the plastic around the parts of the glass that you would not like to have spray painted. Once you have the plastic in place, tape it so that it doesn’t move.

* We used a folded piece of paper for the tall candle holder to ensure there was a straight line.


I suggest that you take your pieces outside to spray your pieces to avoid getting the paint on your furniture, walls or carpet. Spray paint one layer and let it dry for a few minutes before you do a second layer. TIP: Wrap a plastic bag around the hand that is holding the piece when you are spraying it to avoid getting it all over your hands. 


Let your pieces dry for at least a half an hour. Then start carefully peeling off your plastic and tape.

Once you are finished, your final product should look like this…

We hope that you enjoyed this simple, cost-effective craft that only takes an hour! You can choose whatever colors or designs that you want. We think this craft would be perfect for wedding centerpieces. Use whatever colors are in your palette that would look good on your linens.

Make it pretty!




DIY Friday: A Potted Plant for Springtime!

Happy Friday everyone! We are so excited for the warm weekend forecast. In light of this, our DIY is a decorative potted plant. We hope that you enjoy this springtime DIY!


What you will need:

– Terracotta Pot

– Paint

– Paint Brush

– Glue Gun

– Hardware (optional)

– Plant!

All supplies were at home already, or purchased at Home Depot.


The very first thing you will want to do is paint the pot whatever color you want. We wanted a textured, antique look, so we used a textured paint and a stensil brush to help accomplish this.


Let it dry and do a second coat. While you are letting the second coat dry, heat up your glue gun.


Take your decorative hardware, glue gun the parts that will sit on the pot and press firmly for 30 seconds.


Repot the plant and add fresh soil if needed.


Finish off by watering it and then place it on any porch or windowsill that you desire.


Make it pretty!

DIY Friday: Floral Bobby Pins

Spring is just around the corner, in light of that this week we did a quick and simple DIY that would make a cute gift for a little girl, could be a bride’s something blue or can simply be a fun way to spice up some old bobby pins.

What you will need:

Bobby Pins (available almost anywhere. Grocery stores and Pharmacies will definitely carry them)

A hot glue gun (available at craft stores)

And some little flowers (mine were purchased at Michaels)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile your glue gun is heating up, find the colors that you want to use and arrange them how you want to glue them onto the bobby pins.

Once your glue gun is warmed up, start putting small glue dots at the bottom of each flower and place it on the bobby pin while the glue is still hot.


Hold it firmly in place for 30 seconds. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Continue the same steps with all of the flowers and bobby pins.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Let them dry for a few minutes and then they are good to go!

We love this quick, fun little DIY that is very versatile. Instead of flowers you can use rhinestones, beads or bows! These would be super cute to give to your flower girls to wear at your wedding using colors that correspond with your wedding color scheme.

Would you (or have you) done DIY accessories for your wedding?


DIY Friday: Mod Podge Frames

Happy DIY Friday!

Today we are going to make mod podge frames. This is a cheap, but chic way to decorate your house, or your wedding reception. By using scrapbooking paper, the options are limitless! There is such a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures that there is sure to be something that you love and can make into a beautiful frame.

What you will need:

– Wooden Frames

– Scrapbook Paper

– Mod Podge

– Pencil

– Ruler

– Scissors

– Sponge brush/ paint brush

– A flat item (such as a card from your wallet)

All of the supplies I already had, except the frames. They are available to purchase at Michaels or any other craft store.


First, you will turn your paper over and trace the inner corner of the frame.


I took a ruler and traced 1″ wider on each side so that I can wrap the paper around the frame to cover the edges as well. When you are finished, you should have something that looks liket this (see below).


Next, you want to cut the inside and outside of the lines that you just traced.


With foresight that the corners would hang over awkwardly, I placed the paper on the frame and cut from the outer corner of the paper to the outer corner of the frame. This small slit will help when wrapping the paper around the back.


I then took a sponge brush and put one layer of mod podge around the front of the wooden frame.


Then carefully place the paper on top of the mod podge and use your flat item to smooth out any air bubbles or bumps.


You want to leave each one to dry for at least 15 minutes before working on it again, because I did 3 at the same time, I was able to move right onto gluing the back of the first frame that had plenty of time to dry.

Paint the mod podge onto one side of the frame.


Fold the access paper over and hold. It is tricky at first, but it will start to stick and then you can start smoothing out the edges. I also dabbed some mod podge on top before I moved onto the next side to ensure that it would stick.


Once you are done all sides you will have flaps sticking out of all of the corners. You will be able to easily snip these and then dab mod podge to flatten the area.


The finished frame at the back should look like this.


Here are all three frames finished and drying.


And the front!


Now you are ready to pop in some family photos and hang them on the wall. We also love this idea for table numbers at a reception.


Make it pretty!


DIY Friday: Vintage Brooch Place Cards!

escort cards vintage

When we were looking for some DIY inspiration, we came across this adorable craft done by Intimate Weddings. It is a great way for a little personal touch with a vintage twist. Start visiting flea markets, yard sales and antique shops to collect your brooches, that way you will have enough when the time comes.

What you will need:

– Brooches

– Card Stock

– Labels


Cut your card stock to the desired size (if it is not already).

escort cards

Add a brooch.

name cards

vintage name cards

Print names onto labels, and adhere the labels to the cardstock.

diy vintage name cards

Don’t they look amazing?!

vintage escort cards

Thank you so much Intimate Weddings for the awesome DIY craft! We absolutely love it!

Make it pretty!

DIY Friday: Ombre Valentine’s Day Cards!

Happy Friday everyone! Valentine’s Day is next week, so in light of that our craft today is a personalized Valentine Day card ombre-style!

This craft was took little time and little money, and the results are great!

Here’s what you will need:

– A sponge brush

– Card stock (The thicker the better)

– Paint

– Stickers

– Bowls

(All craft supplies were purchased at Michaels).


The first thing I did was folded all of my card stock so that was card-size.


Next, take your paint and put them in your bowls. Slowly add water and mix the paint to ensure that it isn’t just sticking to the bottom of the bowl. The paint can get messy, so put down newspaper or use the outside of an unused garbage bag to prevent paint from getting on your table.


Next, take the stickers and create whatever message you want.


Now you will take your sponge brush and dip it into your paint. For this card we want the ombre to start from the middle instead of the bottom.


The trick is to take enough on your brush for the darker portion and quickly spread outwards in a swiping motion. Do this until there is no more color on your brush.


Next, leave them to dry. To speed this step up, leave them in the sun or use a hair dryer.


Once they are dry, start peeling the stickers off of the cards.


The finished product should be beautiful ombre cards with personalized messages!


We hope that you enjoyed this craft!

Make it pretty!

DIY Friday: Tissue Poms!

Kelly Jeff”s Wedding at The Carolina Inn. Planned by Erin McLean Events. Photos by Megapixie Photography.

Tissue poms have become a popular decor choice at weddings – and we love them! They are an easy and cost-effective DIY that can really add some fun and femininity to the decor.

Things you”ll need:

Tissue Paper

Floral Wire (I didn”t have any so I used sewing thread).



First thing to do is lay out all of the tissue paper sheets flat on the table. From there you can fold them accordion style. Be sure you crease the folds well.


Next, take your floral wire (or in my case thread) and tie it around the middle of your folded tissue paper.


While it is folded, cut the ends in a point, or rounded. (Rounded is shown below).


Now it”s time to fluff! This is the fun part. Be very careful because tissue paper can rip very easily. What you will want to do is slowly pull each layer of tissue paper apart.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAonline roulette haben Sie den gro?en Vorteil, dass Sie alle diese Spiele auch im Spielgeld-Modus versuchen konnen und so die Wetten ausprobieren konnen, bevor Sie Ihr Geld riskieren. src=”×479.jpg” width=”640″ height=”479″ />OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Once all of the layers have been pulled apart, fluff and play with the shape until you are happy with it.


And voila! You have a tissue pom . To hang, tie thread or string under the floral wire and then hang it with tape or a hook, whichever you prefer.

We love how versatile these can be. We have seen adorable poms made out of polka dot tissue paper which were amazing. We also love the look of these minature poms that can be used to glam up wedding place settings. This pom was not cut rounded like we did, this is what it looks like if you cut the tissue in pointed triangles.


PhotoCredit: MarthaStewartWeddings

What do you think of tissue poms? Would you use them at your wedding? How about at a birthday party?

Make it pretty!


DIY Friday: Gold Leaf Champagne Flutes

PhotoCredit: GlamourAndGraceBlog

We came across this craft on another blog and we absolutely adored it! Although we haven’t had the chance to do the craft ourself, we really wanted to share it with you! This is a really great idea for a wedding. To use those glasses on your wedding day, and then pull them out on your anniversary would be so cute!

This craft is relatively simple with little time and supplies needed.

A gold leafing set that comes with the sheets and adhesive.

Wax Paper

2 Brushes – 1 for applying adhesive, and a soft one to smooth the edges of the gold leafing once it is applied

Champagne Flutes

First you will want to make sure that your champagne glasses are clean and dry. Then, with your paint brush, paint whatever shape that you want with the adhesive on the glass. You can do hearts, your initials, or even your wedding date!

Let the adhesive dry completely (it will look clear). This will take about 20 minutes.

After that, take the gold leaf and a piece of wax paper back-to-back, holding them both. Place  the gold leaf over the dried adhesive shape with the wax paper up. Press firmly on the wax paper to ensure the gold leaf sticks to the adhesive.

Use your fingers to pull away the larger chunks. Then, with the clean, soft brush clean around the edges. Some sets include a sealant for the gold leaf, at this point you can paint sealant on to help prevent the gold leaf from flaking.

And that’s it!

Thank you Glamour&Grace for the inspiration, we really love this DIY craft!

Make it pretty!


DIY Friday: Decorative Christmas Trees!

I am really excited to share this craft with you today. Tomorrow is December 1st, so the Christmas decorations are starting to make an appearance, if they haven’t already taken over!

What you will need:

– Cones

– Yarn



-Glue Gun

-Mod Podge

The cones were purchased at Michaels, and everything else I had on hand. You can use almost anything for this craft, and if you don’t have anything on hand any store that carries craft supplies will have these sort of things.

First, I started with the glass beads. I Mod Podged the side of the cone and started placing the glass beads on. After I finished one layer I set it aside to completely dry while I worked on the others. When I came back I used my glue gun to start gluing beads to fill the holes left by the first layer. As you will see in the final result, I glued a few layers and the bumpy texture ended up looking great.

If I did it again, next time I would spray paint this cone first. This way if there are gaps in the beads, then a color would show through instead of the brown.

I then moved onto the tinsel and yarn trees. For this I used my hot glue gun and slowly wrapped the layers around the cone. This worked well for both the tinsel and the yarn. Just take your time and make sure the glue has dried before you rotate the cone and continue to glue.

Then I took my pearl strands and cut some individual pearls off. One-by-one I started hot glue-gunning the pearls to the tops of the trees. They ended up making cute tree-toppers!

While I had my craft supplies out, I just couldn’t resist making some glittery tea lights to go with my new trees! Candles like this can be purchased at a dollar store and they usually have some seasonal scents, or there are unscented ones if you prefer. Take a sponge brush and some mod podge and cover the outside, then gently roll and dab it onto the glitter that you have poured onto a flat surface (that will be easy to clean up and keep the glitter contained).

The final result!

I am really happy with how these turned out! I love looking at these on the coffee table and seeing a fun craft that turned out great. They are unique and didn’t cost much at all!

Make it pretty!