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DIY Friday! Fall Monogram Wreath

Happy DIY Friday! We love Fall and coming up with new ways to decorate for it! We made a simple Monogram wreath that can be hung on your front door or in your party decor!

All you need is:

-Black Acrylic paint

-Small paint brushes (we used one with a straight edge and a large one)

-1/3 of a yard of burlap

– a letter to trace (We used our monogram M from one of our favorite DIYs  here)

– quilt loops


-black sharpie

Start by tracing your letter with a sharpie onto the burlap.

Then simply paint in your letter.  We painted the outline first with a smaller angled brush then used a larger brush to fill it in.

Let it dry (we placed it on wax paper) and you are ready to put it in the hoop.

Once you have secured it, pull the fabric to stretch it tight. Then trim the excess fabric.

Now you are ready to hang it up!


Make it pretty!

DIY Friday! Mini Cupcake Stands!!

Happy DIY Friday! Yesterday I had the complete pleasure to plan a bridal shower for the sweet Emily Ayer from Southern Weddings Magazine (more to come soon) at the fantastic Carolina Inn. Emily loves mini things, so I thought I would DIY some mini cupcake stands!

All you need is:
– Wooden candle holder

-Wood plaque

-Spray Paint

-Wood Glue

-Butter Knife


You will need to remove the metal center in the candle. Then add a medium coat of wood glue.

Attach and voila!

Of course you can use them for mini cupcakes and more! Kristin is using her for a soap holder!

Make it Pretty!

DIY Friday! Hurricane Candle Wrap

Happy DIY Friday everyone! We love adding candles to any table setting and party to add a soft glow. Candles are a cost-effective way to add flare (pun intended!) to any setting! We  added some pre-cut cardstock around hurricanes to make them extra special!

All you need is:

-Pre-cut cardstock or scrapbook paper

-double sided tape

-hurricane candle holder (and candle)

-scissors and a pencil

Double sided tape is a DIYer’s best friend!

Wrap the paper around the hurricane.

Mark along the height.

Cut to the correct height!

We wanted to keep the top nice and clean looking so we put the cut edge along the bottom.  Break out your double sided tape and stick on the paper.

Once you have taped along the first edge, put more tape on top of the paper.

These DIY’s make me realize I need a manicure! Wrap the paper around and secure to the tape.

We had some fly away pieces so we secured those with tape. You are all set to light! We love the pattern reflected on the wall!

Happy DIY Friday! Make it Pretty!

Love everything about this: the quote, the color, the texture!