About Carrington

I have had this dream of being a wedding planner since I was 5 years old and carried around my traveling party kit – fully equipped with cake, party hats, and of course, confetti. Now, I pride myself on the details and earning my client’s trust in creating a wedding day that is true to who they are as a couple.  I love seeing an event through from beginning to end and sending a happy Bride & Groom off on their new adventure together.   I adore my family. I believe family is a fundamental part of a happy life, maybe that’s why I love being in the world of weddings. They do, after all, symbolize the start of a new chapter of joy and the joining and continuation of our families. I am an advocate of Southern living, a Prosecco enthusiast, and  love to have fresh flowers in my house – always.  I am in love with my cozy little life here in North Carolina that I get to share with my husband Justin and our fancy kitty Raleigh.  I am just a happy girl,  living my dream,  and would love to have a part in making the vision of your wedding day a reality!